Evelyn’s Law

Every day someone that lives in a group home or assisted living environment is neglected or abused. YOUR actions can decrease these occurrences by advocating for Evelyn’s Law to protect the elderly and citizens young and old with disabilities, impairments, and developmental delays.

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The Facts Are

According to disabilityjustice.org, people with developmental disabilities are 5 to 10 times more likely to be abused.  Just as horrifying, the Assisted living Federation of America reports that 1 out of 10 seniors have been subjected to some form of abuse. Often, individuals who commit and are convicted of these crimes DO NOT GO TO JAIL (http://evelynslaw.org/2015-2006-convictions-with-suspended-sentences/)

What is Evelyn’s Law?

Evelyn’s law is an initiative that the Flenon and Anthony Family are taking to improve the safety of those living in state and federally funded group homes and assisted living facilities. This is a Nationwide Initiative, with grass roots and focus on Maryland Regulations.

Presently, current laws do not require all hands-on caregivers to be certified.  This lack of regulation in facilities, that receive state and federal funding, is alarming. Many consumers and legislatures do not know this fact. Undertrained and uncertified people are taking care of thousands who are helpless to defend themselves or even speak out against their abusers. Untrained and undertrained caregivers are more likely to abuse.

We need legislation that will discourage and reduce resident abuse and neglect in group homes and assisted living centers. Help protect senior adults, the young and old with developmental disabilities and impairments. This initiative will also help caregivers by providing them with appropriate training and certification to know how to approriately interact and provide care.

What Problems do Evelyn’s Law Specifically Address?

  1. Certification for all hands-on direct care employees (caregivers), is currently not required.
  2. Background checks for caregivers , with a “RAP back” (Report of Arrests and Prosecutions) checks, is not required. Current requirement is only at hire.  What is a RAP Back? A “RAP Back” is a continuous criminal surveillance that satisfy post-employment activity. The current requirement is to only  complete a basic background check at hire.  The basic check does not alert the employer of any criminal activity that may occur after the hire of a caregiver.
  3. State agencies required to follow-up with the complainant, prior to the close of the case, is not required.

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